The BlueChannel Advantage

Why BlueChannel is a Cut Above

Your Google search returns thousands of carbon-copy web development and hosting companies all promising the same things. But are we all the same? Our experience—and probably yours—tells us no.

BlueChannel proactively identifies the common problems customers face dealing with email, hosting, programming, and web development companies. We literally ask you when you call to inquire about services. We then establish procedures and communication protocols to combat most common complaints. We know who we are and what we do well. Our current customers know, too. And we work every day to do better, keeping up with current trends, learning from mistakes.

Take a look at the specific issues below to see what strikes a chord with you, and please reach out if you have any questions.

The Problem Company

versus BlueChannel


Is myopic

Plays the long game

Some developers want to build your site, offload hosting to a discount server farm, and be done. Does that make you nervous? Every project BlueChannel agrees to take is important to us. We all get personally invested. We want to be a part of your success, today and tomorrow. We work to earn your referrals. Most importantly, we make decisions during development with this long-term mindset.


Poorly communicates

Values transparent collaboration

Communication is key to successful relationships, including ours with you. It’s the core principle during our workday, central in our processes and projects. We talk with you and hear what you want. We aren’t proud; we ask questions when things are unclear. When things are cloudy for you, we slow down. We guide you when you lack decisiveness. We use a simple, proven development process based on incremental deliverables so we can collectively course-correct our work in progress. Our online project management tool (called Teamwork) allows you to see active tasks and contribute to internal communication. BlueChannel strives for total transparency.


Isn’t selective

Puts clients first

If a company you are considering is hard selling and waiting around for work, run screaming. They are likely taking any and all projects, regardless of fit. Busy is better; it means they are in demand. BlueChannel has a clients-first policy meaning we’re never too busy to take care of existing customers. We throttle our new-client workflow to ensure we have time to deal with most contingencies and new requests.  And still, we manage to make time to respond to prospect inquiries, even if it’s to acknowledge your email and let you know when we’ll get back to you with a more detailed response.


Misses deadlines

Manages time

Disappointment saps anyone, so we keep it to a minimum. We set ourselves up for success. The BlueChannel process ensures incremental, steady progress toward completion and launch, and minimizes project creep. If delays or budget-breakers are imminent, we see them early and work with you to take preemptive measures.


Is not current

Is geeky and we know it

The web is always changing. Browsers, platforms, and standards are ever-evolving. This isn’t a part-time gig for us; we are immersed in this work every day. We live and breathe it. We can provide you with statistics to help make informed decisions about where to focus resources. We might advise for or against the latest bells and whistles and explain why. And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll provide guidance or research it. In the end, BlueChannel helps you navigate the confusing and oftentimes conflicting information so you can make the best choice.


Doesn’t have good references

Connects you with past clients

BlueChannel keeps the ever-growing list of every client we’ve ever worked with published on our website. If your project is one utilizing a similar approach to past jobs, we are happy to provide you with names and numbers to reach out. We’re probably still working on their web initiatives today, and we encourage you to ask them about our results and our team.


Forces square pegs into round holes

Provides realistic options

Almost anything imaginable can be built and delivered. But is another company trying to force you into a specific preconceived solution they happen to be offering? And are all methods and approaches the same? Of course not. Some technologies are more appropriate than others, and decisions need to be made based on available human resources, budgets, and timelines. We’ll help you navigate pros and cons of major decisions, offer lower cost alternatives when we can, and freely share BlueChannel expertise, best practices, and personal opinions.


Can’t explain their process

Knows what we are doing

If they cannot explain their process, they probably don’t have one. If you do not understand their process, they are probably blowing smoke. Shortly after we speak with you and get a sense it’s a good fit for both parties, we send out an email explaining the BlueChannel process. It has evolved since 1997 into something we rely on for steady, measurable, successful outcomes, and lessons learned are formally applied to future projects. Our efforts to remain organized and focused allow on-time project completions and happy customers.


Is vague about their team

Is an open book

Small companies like to appear bigger by listing every contractor they’ve ever used. Larger companies like to hide turnover in anonymity. BlueChannel is a small group of dedicated people working in permanent positions. Our collective skillsets are broad, but we’re connected by a central idea — to be human with our clients. We post our core team profiles on our site so you can start getting to know us. We work with a select group of key contractors with whom we’ve built strong long-term relationships. And owners work day-to-day in the company.


Designs and ditches

Doesn't leave you hangin'

Be wary of companies that have a track record of cutting and running after the final payment. BlueChannel offers a 30-day warranty period on our projects to ensure your satisfaction. But even when that is over, we won’t leave you hanging. Think of your website like a car. If you want it to perform well for you over the years, it’s best to maintain it regularly. It will need gasoline and oil. Someday, it might need a new paint job or a pine tree shaped air freshener. If you outgrow it, perhaps you’ll want to buy another with different features. We want to be your manufacturer, your mechanic, your filling station, and body shop. If we serve you right over the years, you’ll probably buy from us again in the future and tell your friends to do the same.


Has unreliable hosting infrastructure

Believes stable servers make for less headaches

The other guy resells someone else’s hosting with an upcharge. Worse, he points you to a value hosting provider removing himself from the equation. He doesn’t want the responsibility when something goes wrong, so the recommendation doesn’t really matter. BlueChannel hosts hundreds of websites and applications, and thousands of email accounts, for hundreds of customers, and we have phenomenally low attrition. It’s probably because we spent years trying other platforms and noting deficiencies. We then put together our own machines, keep them updated and current, and house them in a hand-selected world-class datacenter.


Tells you what you want to hear

Is rooted in reality

Many companies use intentional or unintentional bait-and-switch sales tactics. They promise the unrealistic timeline you want to hear, or give you a cheaper upfront quote with a hidden motive of a future change order or upsell. Or they might not have the experience to know what might derail your project or their process. We would much rather have you be pleasantly surprised then sorely disappointed, so BlueChannel typically under-promises and over-delivers. Honesty prevails in our process – before and after the sale.


Is unrepsonsive to calls and emails

Gives you many ways to reach us

Have you ever needed help and no one was around to provide it? Have you ever wondered if your message was received at all after hitting the Send button? How frustrating! We don’t like that either – not as customers, not as people. We make every effort to pick up our phones during business hours (and often before/after), promptly return voice messages, and answer emails quickly. We also provide an online chat. We want to connect with you. This type of customer service may cost a bit more, but is worth it the first time you have a problem that gets resolved with one contact to a real-person who works for BlueChannel and has the skills and autonomy to help you.


Favors rapid deployment with sloppy code

Believes in the need for site speed

In a world demanding faster, bigger, and better all the time, site speed has a huge impact on user engagement. We isolate the drags on load times and bandwidth bottlenecks and make every effort to optimize our network and your site for speedy delivery. BlueChannel’s diligent commitment to valid code is built into our process and provides a tidy foundation on which to build. This is behind the scenes, and other companies don’t talk about it, but it means cheaper future updates for you, and better compatibility with future browsers for your site.


Doesn’t prioritize SEO or mobile

Embraces search engine and mobile friendliness

BlueChannel builds all sites with search engines in mind, and also offers a line-item upgrade for enhanced search engine optimization setup. We don’t promise you’ll appear number one in Google for all your keywords, but we are very clear about what we are doing and not doing and give you the best possible foundation on which to grow your SEO strategy. And since mobile internet consumption now exceeds desktop, we also strongly encourage mobile-friendly, responsive designs with every new project.


Supports no greater cause

Gives back to blue

We acknowledge the world is bigger than us and precious to us, so we agreed to put some money where our environmental mouths are. After all, talk is cheap, but change is expensive! Good causes need financial support and 1% for the Planet is a good fit. It connects BlueChannel with like-minded businesses and demands a simple, honest, and manageable annual giving goal — 1% of gross sales.


Is responsible to shareholders first

Is just like you

When you work with BlueChannel, you are supporting small business and real people. We’re a tightknit group of employees and worker-owners. Our chain of command is short so you’re always dealing with a person in a significant role and who has personal investment in your success. We’re responsible to you and your projects, not shareholders, board members, or 100-foot-yacht-owning CEOs.


(We hope so.)

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