You might’ve heard about Google’s recent announcement that starting January 2017, if your site is not secure, they’ll issue a warning in Chrome. In short, if your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate and load under HTTPS instead of HTTP, Chrome will warn visitors to your site isn’t secure. There’s even some evidence to suggest it might affect your rankings on Google search. Bottom line, they want the web to move to HTTPS and they have the power to force our hands. If you care about visitors and don’t want them put off by Google’s warnings, it’s time to get an SSL certificate and convert your whole site to load under HTTPS.

At the same time, there’s an HTTP standard (called HTTP/2) originally approved back in February 2015 which is becoming more and more widely used. Basically, HTTP has become inflexible given how much the web has grown over the last 20+ years. It just hasn’t kept up. HTTP hasn’t been improved upon since 1999, after all…that’s ancient in the web world. HTTP/2 promises to help with multiplexing/concurrency (several requests over the same TCP connection, responses received out of order), stream dependencies, header compression, server push…all good news in terms of performance. But there’s also a benefit in terms of security including better, faster encrypting and performance over secure connections. HTTP/2 is late to the show, but we’re glad to have the improvements.

If you would like to change your site over to HTTPS on the new HTTP/2 standard, we can make it easy on you. Our SSL/HTTP2 offering is as follows:

  • Installation of SSL certificate ($49/yr)
  • Conversion of entire site to HTTPS
  • Conversion of entire site and proper redirection from old HTTP to new HTTP/2 standard

For most sites, we can convert your entire site to the HTTPS protocol in 1-2 hours at our current hourly rate.

Reach out today and let us help you get your site running without Google’s warnings on the latest and greatest protocol!