It’s not what a company promises, but what it delivers

While BlueChannel believes in transparency, not every company operates this way. So many hosting companies list “Unlimited” next to disk space. Really? $11.99 per month (or less) allows an unlimited amount of disk space? Come on. This is blatant marketing deception and overselling of available resources. Smart business owners like you know better, right?

I’ve left off the company name to avoid¬†embarrassment and singling out, as so many companies do the same. But check out this graphic from a real hosting company’s website:


Good Deal


This looks great! But wait… Here’s some fine print buried in the 2,941 total words on the Terms of Service page:


Bad Deal


Apparently, they haven’t figured out how to defy the physics of disk space and the economics of running a business! Their promised “unlimited bandwidth” is no better.

BlueChannel imposes reasonable limits that are acceptable to most people and sufficient for most accounts. The limits are soft, meaning that if you approach them, we’ll gently let you know. We won’t terminate your account. We won’t surprise you with hidden fees. And if you need more space, we’ll work with you.

Buyer beware!