On April 21, 2014, the new site for Mama’s Jewelry went live. The site is brought to you by Central Diamond Center and features customizable gemstone jewelry. This type of jewelry is often referred to as “mother’s jewelry” or “family jewelry” because gemstones are often associated with months of the year. Gemstones are often called “birthstones” as a result.

We at BlueChannel built this new, easy-to-use site on the CS-Cart platform complete with a custom-designed template and a custom-programmed ring and pendant builder. The builder allows you to see on-the-fly what a ring or pendant will look like in different metals types, with different numbers of stones, and with different types of stones. Once you’ve configured your product just the way you like it, you can add it the cart and check out. Pretty slick.

Visit mamasjewelry.com today. Check out the ring or pendant builder and order something special for the wonderful mothers in your life.