This week marks a turning point for BlueChannel; we successfully completed the migration out of our old data center.

We had been colocating our equipment with, operating out of Cedar Falls, Iowa, since 2004. It was a great company with a great team. But in April 2008, LayeredTech acquired the company and service started degrading. To avoid the customer inconveniences associated with a migration, we gave LayeredTech the benefit of the doubt for a time and hoped things would turn around. They didn’t. 2011 marked a year of numerous outages, ridiculous support, and the end of my rope. This past fall, I made the decision to move.

This was a good move because we had new equipment ordered, configured, and installed when we received notice from LayeredTech in March that we had to get out or endure having our servers offline for 24-48 hours while they moved our equipment to a new facility in a different state. They gave us 10 days notice, later extended to 40 when I complained. Insane!

Paul wearing IO jacketAnyway, out with the old and in with the new… BlueChannel is now colocating out of IO Phoenix, an enormous 538,000 square foot data center with Tier III design certification from the Uptime Institute. This is a top notch facility, with much better support, redundancy, and a 100% uptime service level agreement. Their efficient cooling, lighting, and innovative modular design also fits into our environmental commitment.  Check out IO’s photostream on Flickr – impressive.

But what really impressed me was the way Mick and I were treated before and after the sale on phone calls and visits. Thank you Stacy and Jennifer! IO is a company with which I am proud to be aligned and have no doubt will be a fast, reliable infrastructure for BlueChannel customers for many years. Read the official press release.

IO’s motto is “Not All Data Centers are Created Equal.” Truly.

PS: I would like to extend a personal thank you to Karen, Mick, and Jeff for your support over the past few crazy weeks.  I would also like to thank my wife, Nicole, for taking care of my family in my absence.  And finally, I would like to thank our loyal customers who had to deal with the headaches during the transition. Thank you all!