We think of Search Engine Optimization as the first step in the process of increasing sales through your website. Your site is built but it doesn’t do much for you if nobody can find it.

We begin with a Website Review to see how well your site is currently optimized. We look at your title tags, meta tags, H1 tags, links, images, urls, redirects and how accessible your code is to the search engines. We repair items for optimization.

Next we begin keyword analysis. What types of phrases would people that are looking for your product or service type into a search engine? We consider the number of times these phrases are searched and the competition for possible keyword phrases.

We set up several tools to track and analyze your site and goals. Each month we assess your website and goals and come up with a plan to determine the highest priority items first. Each client we work with has a custom solution based on their goals.

Our SEO+ packages are built on a foundation of

  • best-business practices in web design and development
  • current and historic knowledge of search engine methods and what negatively or positively impacts results
  • social networking
  • the creation of relevant and unique content
  • capturing visitors information to turn visitors into leads
  • nurturing leads into sales
  • continually analyzing what sources are performing best to focus efforts in the most effective way – we always go after the lowest hanging fruit first, adjusting as we go

We have an honest and integrated approach to SEO+ Inbound Marketing. It includes whitehat (legitimate) methods to improve your website and rankings that will last even if you stop paying for continued work down the road. Compare this to many firms who generate content and improvements for you off-domain, and when you stop paying them, they turn everything off. Also, since we are a hosting and full service web development firm, we can implement related website changes faster, thus providing more value to you within the same budget.