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If lowest possible pricing is your primary concern when shopping for a web host, BlueChannel is likely not a good fit for you. We charge more than large web hosts like GoDaddy, 1&1, and Network Solutions. But remember that lowest price doesn’t mean best value. Mass hosting farms overcrowd their servers to be able to profit at bargain pricing. For our customers, server reliability, bundled website maintenance, and real-person US-based technical support is worth a few extra dollars. They’d rather spend their time building their businesses than on hold. Agree? Please contact us to inquire about pricing.

Since the late ’90s, the cost of hardware, bandwidth, and overseas labor has been declining. This turned website hosting into a perceived commodity: “Buy at the lowest price. The vendor doesn’t matter. It’s all the same service.” This marketplace mentality has created a price war among vendors, and the casualty of this war has been customer service.

Companies simply do not charge enough to offer the quality of service you expect when you have a problem with your service or a question about your bill. The large companies that charge too little make it up with aggravating up-sells, outsourced overseas customer support, multi-year prepayments, and rigidity in their offerings. The small companies that charge too little are out of business in a year or two. Neither situation is ideal for your business. You need some sanity and stability from your service provider!

We believe long-term, profitable relationships require a welcome and fulfilling client experience – not necessarily the lowest price. For over a decade, BlueChannel has charged enough to offer you a reliable product backed by exceptional service; this is a scenario where we all win.

99% uptime sounds very impressive until you do the math; it means your site could be offline for over 87 hours per year! Even 99.9% uptime – the industry standard bragging number – means your site is down almost 9 hours per year.

Worse, did you know the uptime statistics many hosts cite relate only to network accessibility and power to the server? This means the most common causes of downtime, those that occur at the server level (denial of service attacks, spam related issues, hardware failures) are not included. In other words, real website downtime is almost always more than these claims indicate.

And what happens when the uptime promise is broken? Well, if you can prove the downtime occurred, you can put in a request for service credit – typically a prorated portion of your monthly hosting fee. Unfortunately, your website or email being down is a problem that a $5 refund doesn’t fix. It’s really not even worth your time to request!

Instead of hype and bogus claims, here is what BlueChannel offers:

  • alertraActual website uptime statistics as monitored by a third party – Across all production machines, the last 12 months (as measured on October 22, 2014) show 99.96833% uptime. And this downtime includes scheduled reboots and maintenance, downtime that other providers remove from their stats.
  • 24/7 multi-contact monitoring – With any provider, problems will and do occur. When they do, you can rest assured that you have US-based employees, typically including one of the owners of BlueChannel, working to address the issue within minutes. And we post downtime updates to twitter in real-time.
  • Our no hassle service termination – Even if you’ve prepaid for a year, if you are EVER unhappy with your service, we’ll give you a prorated refund and help you transfer your site to a new web host. If it’s in the first 6 months of service, we’ll refund everything you’ve paid to date.

Have you noticed that everyone has toll-free numbers and extended service hours, but you can’t get a living, breathing human on the phone who can help? Claims of 24/7 customer service are sometimes not as good as they seem.

BlueChannel gives you the tools to manage your account around the clock. Should you need our assistance, we provide unlimited support via email and telephone during normal business hours, 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday (and typically longer). We answer calls and return voicemails promptly. We do not outsource our support overseas or employ low-paid, unqualified support staff.

We monitor web servers 24 hours a day. When a problem is detected that would affect your service, our automated alert system notifies support personnel in three  geographically diverse locations according to an escalating schedule. In other words, if the servers have a problem, we’ll be working on it within minutes, day or night, even on Christmas.

When was the last time you saw a marketing brochure that described a company’s reputation, the quality of their product or service, and their responsiveness to customers as average? All companies tout their superiority, but the bottom line is you don’t know until you do business with them. More than marketing hype, here are some facts:

  • BlueChannel is an owner-operated small business, dedicated to clients in a way large companies cannot be.
  • BlueChannel has a track record – since 1997.
  • BlueChannel enjoys high customer retention – some of our clients have been with us since the beginning.
  • BlueChannel removes the risk by offering you two exclusive and unbeatable money-back guarantees.
  • BlueChannel owns custom-built, high end equipment in a world class datacenter.

BlueChannel performs maintenance, designs and implements custom solutions under four pricing models:

  • Hourly
  • Against pre-paid blocks of hours
  • Quoted, fixed rate
  • Retainer

Learn more about how each works on our pricing page.

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