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As part of our commitment to transparency and flexibility, BlueChannel offers four pricing models to serve customers best.




for those smaller, occasional requests

BlueChannel’s highest, billed-after-the-fact hourly rate is $135 logged in 15 minute increments. We generally send invoices at the beginning of the month after we perform the work.  Bills are always accompanied by a time log detailing the task, date, and person who performed the work.  This is a great option for small, occasional change requests.  Simple changes are completed within a day or two, and more extensive ones require more time as our schedules allow.



40 hours, 20% off, great for ongoing work

A pre-paid monthly block of hours is perfect for those who have ongoing web-related needs. BlueChannel offers 10, 20 and 40 hour blocks of hours (5%, 10% and 20% off of our hourly rate). The block of 40 hours costs $4,320, which is a 20% savings off our regular hourly rate ($108 vs $135). The hours are banked and work requests are performed against them, logged in 15 minute increments. Monthly reports will keep you apprised of how many hours were used and how many remain. You direct the work and use the hours toward any development work you want. Half of the block hours must be used within the month after purchase and any remaining hours roll over to the following month.



larger projects with price capped

Our quoted projects are typically larger jobs like a complete site redevelopment or a new web application. But we are also happy to provide quotes for smaller projects with firm, detailed requirements. After discussing your needs, we’ll quote out the job so you’ll know the cost before we begin. Larger quoted projects come with a pricing sheet detailing how cost is distributed across the job requirements. With this arrangement, there are no surprises; if you go out of scope, we will let you know and give you the option to approve a change order or push the request to “Phase II.”



secured monthly hours, reduced rate

BlueChannel offers the option to retain a certain number of hours with us at a reduced, pre-negotiated rate, currently $108 per hour. Retaining hours allows us to throttle workload to ensure we allocate time to address your needs monthly, and stay within your predetermined budget. You control how hours are spent by prioritizing the change requests as you make them. Retained hours are use-it-or-lose-it month-to-month and require a 15-hour per month or more commitment.  Clients under these arrangements enjoy ongoing consulting and by-the-minute billing (no 15 minute minimums).

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