Diamond Inventory Handled with Custom Modules

You have a website selling or otherwise promoting loose diamonds. How can you easily manage your inventory so users see the most current information? Can users search, sort and filter on the front end and make inquiries? How about different mark-ups for different user types?

BlueChannel can create a custom diamond module specific to your needs.

It’s refreshing to work with a company that is all about service, service and more service. In this highly competitive marketplace, your company sets an example of what it takes to stand out among the rest. BlueChannel is a business for others to emulate.
David Navon - CEO, International Diamond and Jewelry Corporation


BlueChannel has many clients in the jewelry industry and we understand the unique needs they have. When the International Diamond and Jewelry Corporation, Adasco Designs, Verichannel, and Renaissance Diamonds approached us, they spoke of a need to manage diamond inventory, control pricing views, allow filtering/sorting and provide a means of communication. Understanding the industry, the terms used, the specifics about how these interactions take place helped us feel confident we did, indeed, have our arms around it.


There were slight variations from one project to another, but ultimately, they pretty much broke down into similar deliverable components. We knew we’d need to accept diamond inventory upload files; some for manual upload, some for FTP, some via feeds. Those files needed to adhere to some industry standards as well. Requirements for success or failure of uploads were ironed out. Database tables were created and tweaked. Some projects required manipulation of pricing whether based on user type or complicated, aggregated data computations. Front end search grids and views with filters where laid out, fly-out “quick views” were created, detail pages, too. Comparison features and inquiries forms were included, as well. Because we didn’t have to recreate the wheel with each project, efficiency and proficiency spiked and development time dropped.


We used our iterative launches for each diamond module created for each client site. There is nothing more valuable than being able sit in front of the tools created for you and playing with them. Does the upload feature work? Is it intuitive? How about the front end searches? Are they fast and producing the results set you expect? Because we ask for and expect client feedback, the features, functions and look can all be dialed in and expectations met well before live launch.


International Diamond and Jewelry Corporation, Adasco Designs, Verichannel, and Renaissance Diamonds



BlueChannel Value

  • Teamwork
    These projects are always a team effort. Acquiring all the data and sample import files, creating the DBs, testing and QA…it takes the whole team (on both the client’s and BC’s side) working closely together to ensure all the information is correct and usable.
  • Guidance
    Because we’ve had relationships with jewelers for so long and because we have quite a few of these diamond modules under our belts at this point, we can offer clients interested in them a list of features and functionality they may or may not have thought of on their own.
  • Heroics
    Sensitivity to the market, ensuring only the right eyes see your data, and attention to detail are a few of the ways we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Custom design, integration with existing designs
  • Custom PHP programming
    • Inventory uploads (manual, FTP, feeds)
    • User management/levels
    • Search, filters, sorting
    • Multiple product views
    • Security
    • Pricing management
  • Integration with 3rd party, existing and new sites


We get better and better at these and can offer insight into how these “should” work to be friendly and useful to the end user. We keep raising the bar, too, whether by tying into 3rd party carts for ecommerce checkout solutions that are bitcoin enabled or by limiting access by IP address or by creating several websites with their own look and feel that all tie into the same diamond database. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Maybe we can make diamond modules your best friend.


(Thank you.)

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