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You’ve spent hours and hours creating content for your new site. You’ve hired a developer to help build it out. Weeks go by, then months. The developer loses steam, can’t finish the job. You don’t want to abandon the work you’ve already completed, but who do you turn to now?

It happens. And we’re here to help. BlueChannel inherited the Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center project and gave our new clients some peace of mind. We’re not going anywhere and they’re in good hands.

BlueChannel, Jeff, Liz and Paul are absolutely the best in the business.  We have worked with several developers over the last two years, and as a result, wasted a lot of time, energy and financial resources.  Finding the team at BlueChannel has been a gift that we are truly grateful for.  Each of you has been a pleasure to work with!  We will only work with BlueChannel on future projects.  Thank you for your help – I am grateful to have such great support for EQ.
Mary Marcantonio - Founder, Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center


When Mary and Eileen came to us, they thought their previous developer had gotten the site maybe eighty percent there. There were missing images, missing content, some layout and navigational issues, and came with a fairly lengthy list of change requests. It needed to integrate with a payment processor and events plugin and had been developed on WordPress. We knew we could help.

doing-our-thingFirst, we got all of the change requests set up in our project management tool, Teamwork, so we could all see and track exactly what was to be done, how long it was taking, and what was left to do. This transparency allowed Mary and Eileen to decide where to allocate resources and kept Team BlueChanel organized. The biggest challenge inheriting a project from someone else is the organization of all the assets, requests, credentials, etc. and determining what the priorities are for launch. Once we had everything in Teamwork, things began to smooth out. We don’t let things slip through the cracks.

batting-it-back-forthWe moved the development site over to our servers and began ticking off the tasks from the list. For this project, we didn’t draw the clients’ attention to incremental launches, but instead allowed them to peruse the site as we developed so they could see holes in content, placeholder images, play with navigation, etc. As they noticed issues or elements they wanted changed, they communicated to us via phone or email and we added new tasks to Teamwork.

Because we use Teamwork and time spent is logged, we were able to let Mary and Eileen know every step of the way where they stood against their budget.


Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center


Counseling & Wellness

BlueChannel Value

  • Teamwork
    Our project management tool by the same name proved to be an invaluable asset for this job. Keeping information centralized and organized allowed the Equinox team and Team BC the ability to see, at a glance, what was left to do for live launch and where we stood on hours.
  • Guidance
    Mary outright asked for our input and guidance – we love that. She was open to time-saving ideas to help get the site launched and she was accepting of the reality that site development can be a demanding experience when content needs to be created, images sourced, navigational elements assessed, and SEO best practices executed. We brought our years of experience and our tried-and-true methods to help guide her through the process.
  • Heroics
    Their developer was bailing. We worked together to avoid Mary and Eileen losing all the effort they and their team had already put in. We leveraged development already completed or partially completed. We didn’t suggest “starting over.”

Nuts & Bolts

  • Built on WordPress
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Multiple plugins

reflection-projectionWhat does success look like? Happy clients who want to continue to work with you in the future. The folks at Equinox were thankful for the help after being mismanaged and letdown elsewhere. And, they know they have a stable resource to call on later.

Websites are ever-growing, ever-evolving things (they should be). The more history we can build with our clients the more value we can bring.

We’re looking forward to working with Mary and Eileen for years to come and wish them the best of success with their new website.


(Thank you.)

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