Mama’s Jewelry Adds Jeweler-Specific Features to Cart


You or a loved one want to mark the significant events or milestones in life with fine jewelry but you want it to be unique. How can you get a feel for a ring, pendant or earrings via an online shopping experience?

Using the builders on, you can select the metal type of your jewelry and the number, type, and position of stones. Then, see the image of the piece dynamically created with your specifications so you know exactly what you’re ordering.


When Mama’s Jewelry owner Eli Meloul came to us with the concept for Mama’s Jewelry, we thought it was a great idea. Larger companies have been offering ring and pendant builders for years, but Eli’s focus would be specific to the Family Jewelry or Mother’s Jewelry market. The site needed to be custom-designed and easy to use. It needed to allow the user to select many different options for each product, generate a dynamic image illustrating the selections, and be integrated with an ecommerce cart/checkout.  That’s where we came in.


We talked with Eli about the market he was targeting and designed the site with that audience in mind. We chose CS-Cart as the platform to handle the products set up, categorization, cart and checkout.

To tackle the builders on the site, which no third-party solution provides out-of-the-box, we started with proof of concept. Could we take Eli’s images and, within a reasonable amount of time, set them up so stones and metals could be interchanged? We could. And once we dialed in the colors and the functionality was solidified, setting up products with dynamic images became relatively easy.


We used our process of iterative launches (phased development), to get the site design 100% dialed in while the infrastructure was simultaneously being set up.  Eli was able to play with the site and builders before live launch and user flow from homepage-to-checkout was assessed and tweaked. Test orders were placed and several rings as well as pendants and earrings were set up with dynamic builders. Image quality was scrutinized as well as site language; we wanted to make sure the user would feel confident buying through the site.  Eli’s solid reputation and thousands of happy customers certainly helped.


Mama’s Jewelry


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  • Teamwork
    The development of this site utilized a broad set of skills across a large number of people. Eli had the products and vision, his CAD guys had the images, his marketing people knew the audience, our designer knew how to translate broad concepts into beautiful layouts, our dev team knew how to manipulate the cart platform and program the builder. Had any one of us dropped the ball, the site and project would have failed.
  • Guidance
    “Keep it simple” was a requirement on this project and part of our job was to remind all the players to do just that. We reined things in when ideas went beyond scope or had a negative impact on user experience. And we looked to the built-in features of the cart before jumping into custom solutions.
  • Heroics
    We continue to work with Eli and his team to improve the site. We make suggestions about marketing and site enhancements. We put checks in place to ensure orders can be placed without snags. We push back when we feel money is being spent on things we don’t believe improve conversion.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Custom programming
    • Ring builder
    • Pendant builder
    • Earring builder
  • Built on CS-Cart platform
  • Integration with 3rd party payment processors

reflection-projectionWhat made this project a success? Collaboration. It started with Eli’s vision and identifying the target market. We provided the know-how to leverage the 3rd party cart to integrate with our custom design and custom-programmed builders. Eli provided great photography and continues to work with his people to provide even better images. We’re continuing to improve our dynamic image creation and have already spun it into a new, more complex builder for linked pendants. Eli’s team is driving traffic and we all like the increased sales around peak buying holidays.


(Thank you.)

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