Restaurant Owner Leverages Design & Function


You own and operate two busy restaurants and want to create sites for both which compliment each other but are also unique enough to show the personality of each restaurant. You need a developer who will work with your vision, your crazy schedule, and within your budget.

Can the work performed on one site be leveraged to reduce cost and development time on the next? Yes, at BlueChannel it can.

We could not be more impressed with Bluechannel. With two restaurants, our company deals with hundreds of purveyors and service providers. The level of professionalism, customer service and attention to detail executed with all of our Bluechannel projects has been exceptional. We are very proud of our websites – thanks to Bluechannel.
Katy Vaughn - Owner, bistro c.v. & LOW Country Kitchen


Katy had a strong vision for what she wanted design-wise for the first site (bistro c.v.). She had a strong grasp of what kind of functionality she needed on the back-end so menus, press, and other elements could be updated easily. She knew the site for LOW would follow quickly on the heels of bistro c.v.’s launch and she suspected we could re-use the basic designs and features for it, but wanted a proof of concept before we dug in. Early communication was key and all parties knew the extended plan.


As always, we broke the requirements of the sites into deliverable components. We knew WordPress would be the right choice to build on because Katy and her team would need to make updates without us. We developed custom content types to make adding food and drink menu items and press easy and we integrated the site with OpenTable reservations and gift cards. Work was performed first on bistro c.v. from concept to live launch. Then we used a copy of it as a base for the LOW site. Development time was dramatically reduced.


For both sites, we provided Katy ample time to review work in progress through our iterative launches. She provided copy, images and press as she had them and connected us with her PR person, as well. The back-and-forth was minimal since we used the design process and usability requirements to inform us completely about each page of the site. The second site benefited from our ability to use shorthand (“recreate this functionality from bistro with the following tweaks”) and a lower price point because the design process could be essentially cut out.


bistro c.v./LOW Country Kitchen



BlueChannel Value

  • Teamwork
    Katy needed to be able to explain what she wanted and know it would get done without micro-management. Part of being a good team is knowing who the players are and what their involvement will be.
  • Guidance
    Katy put total trust in us. She let us know she needed XYZ functionality, but she left the how to deliver XYZ up to us. We batted around how best to implement reservations and gift cards and what types of changes to make to the second site to make it unique.
  • Heroics
    We worked with Katy on pricing for the second site and let her know she was always in good hands and the projects were moving forward even while she was focused elsewhere – on her restaurants.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Custom design
  • Built in WordPress
    • Custom content types
    • User management/levels
  • Integration with OpenTable
  • Work leveraged across two sites


These two projects were successful because Katy knew what she wanted, what her budget was, what her goals were, and she was able to communicate effectively and freely with us. After the early conversations, she placed her trust in us to execute her vision and had faith we’d make the back-end functionality easy to use and intuitive. Busy people are sometimes hard to pin down and work with, but because Katy was well-organized and open to the idea of leveraging the second site, both launches were smooth and the response has been terrific.


(Thank you.)

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