Trailside Traditions becomes True North Furs


You’ve built your business around a name that doesn’t really speak to what you do. You’ve worked with a developer in the past who hasn’t used best practices setting up your e-commerce site and has signed up for third-party services in her name instead of your own. You know you need to do something to improve your web presence, but the web isn’t your forte; you barely even use email. And time is ticking; your selling season is upon you now and you don’t want to miss sales.

Who can you turn to for help sorting it all out? Why, BlueChannel, of course.

Blue Channel provided my website with competence, efficiency, and a level of personal care difficult to find within this industry. Choose the company that develops your website carefully.
Al Deeds - Owner, True North Furs


Al and Bonnie Deeds came to us needing help. They had an e-commerce site already, but it wasn’t built on a current platform, it wasn’t set up using best practices, it contained hundreds of broken links, didn’t work on mobile, the photography wasn’t great and the previous developer was unresponsive or slow to respond. They wanted something current, something responsive, something reliable, SEO-friendly and as beautiful as the products they sell. They had third party services integrated but weren’t sure about login credentials or who actually owned the accounts. They had some brand equity in their old name (Trailside Traditions) and its associated domain, but it didn’t really speak to what they produce and it the equity they did have was diluted by sub-sites and multiple logos. And they needed a solution to all these problems turned around very quickly to ensure they wouldn’t miss the best time of year (the holiday season) to sell their high quality, authentic fur products.


We understood our position. Al and Bonnie needed someone to steer the project. We strongly suggested a re-naming/re-branding to align their company name with what they produce. We brainstormed names and learned about their business, their uniqueness. We put them in touch with a great marketing firm ( to help with naming and logo design. Their photography on the old site didn’t do their products justice, so we put them in touch with a photographer to re-shoot the products and lifestyle photos for hero shots. We worked with our designer to breathe aesthetic life into the project so it didn’t look like just another catalog site. We organized and documented and sat down face-to-face with our clients sorting out all the details and identifying all the requirements of the build-out. We selected CS-Cart (our preferred e-commerce platform) to build on. And we got all of the third-parties sorted out and credentials filed. We consolidated their domains and took over management of their DNS records.

In short, we jammed.


We shortened our iterative launch (phased development) schedule to wrap the project before the holidays hit and we made some executive decisions along the way since Al and Bonnie were extremely busy during the development period and left the technical details to us. Toward the end of development, we took their feedback and made last-minute changes. Another resource joined the team focusing his energy on SEO. The last piece of puzzle (credit card processing) meant upgrading a third party service and, once done, the site went live, the old domain was set to point to the new one, and the orders started rolling in. More products will be added to the site in the year to come and we’re certain it will become an integral part of their business’s success.



True North Furs (formerly Trailside Traditions)


Luxury Home Goods & Clothing

BlueChannel Value

  • Teamwork
    Al and Bonnie needed someone to trust to take on the whole project and manage all the players. They wanted someone local to them and Paul’s location in Steamboat was perfect for sit-down meetings. We listened and learned and played to our strengths to deliver a superior site reflective of the quality of products they sell.
  • Guidance
    Al educated us about his trade and he is, without a doubt, an expert in his field. Early on, he realized he could put his project into our hands and let us do our thing and shine in our areas of expertise. He asked great questions and trusted our answers.
  • Heroics
    We took on a more central role to get the job done. Al is the first to say he’s not tech savvy, so there were certain tasks (mainly involving third party services) we performed on his behalf which might have otherwise been done by the client on another project.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Built on CS-Cart framework
  • Integration with third party payment processors


This project was successful because each person involved was performing a function for which they were qualified. The client trusted us to manage the project, to build the site. Marketing people focused on marketing. Designers designed. Programmers programmed. And, most importantly, our client Al could concentrate on manufacturing and selling his products.

When skilled people are tasked with work fitting their skill set, the result is nothing less remarkable and the project is greater than the sum of its parts.


(Thank you.)

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