Sharing your screen with BlueChannel helps us help you quickly.  Win-win!

  1. Visit our  software download page.
  2. Download the .exe file if it didn’t download automatically.
  3. Once the download has finished, click on the file to launch the program.
  4. Give your 9 digit ID to BlueChannel.teamviewer
  1. Visit our software download page.
  2. Your desktop computer should automatically begin to download the TeamViewerQS_en-idctyxdbj9.exe file once you’re on the page.
    • If the download does not automatically start, please click on the “Try again” link located in the middle of the screen to begin the download.teamviewer-download
  3. Once the TeamViewerQS_en-idctyxdbj9.exe file has finished downloading, click on it to launch the screen share program.
    • The download should appear towards the bottom of your screen in the download system tray. If you do not see the file at the bottom of your screen then you will need to locate this file in your Downloads folder. Here are two shortcuts to find the downloads folder depending on your computer:
      • Macs: Press the Command+Shift+L buttons at the same time to open the downloads folder. The command button looks like: ⌘
      • PCs: Press the Control+J buttons at the same time to open the downloads folder in Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome.
    • Locate the TeamViewerQS_en-idctyxdbj9.exe (should be listed first at the top) and click on it to launch.
  4. A TeamViewer pop up box should appear containing your 9 digit ID code, and you will need to provide this code to your tech. Do not change anything on this panel including the password.teamviewer