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Are you modifying business practices to fit outdated software? Are you considering compromising your unique vision just because a 3rd party tool isn’t up to the task?  Stop. Custom software, or customizations to existing software, might be the answer. And unlike desktop programs, online software applications allow easy access by authorized users from any device.

Benefits of Custom Software from BlueChannel

  • We host software on a secure website or behind your company’s firewall.
  • We develop portable code, owned by or licensed to you, for use however you like.
  • We customize commercial and open-source code when we can. We don’t unnecessarily re-invent the wheel.
  • We develop and design from scratch when it makes sense for the job.
  • We are a company with the stability and staff you can grow with.
  • We have an agile process that removes many barriers relating to budgets and timelines.
  • We’ve done it before. We can do it for you.

Check out highlights from some of the projects we’ve worked on recently…


AGTA Says No to Third-Party Software and Goes Custom

Sometimes it’s smart to develop a tool exactly for the job at hand. AGTA hired BlueChannel to morph their old school approach to contest judging into custom, tablet-ready software.

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Mama’s Jewelry

We built this consumer friendly website on the 3rd party CS-Cart e-commerce platform, and customized it heavily with an original theme and advanced jewelry builder. The builder allows you to see what a ring or pendant will look like and cost in different metal types, with different numbers of stones, and with different types of stones. Once you’ve configured your product just the way you like it, you can add it the cart and check out. Leveraging e-commerce tools and customizing to suit. Pretty slick.

Read the full case study.

springlocker SpringLocker

SpringLocker is a 100% custom programming job we built on the Laravel PHP platform for rapid, test-driven development and extensibility. The site features sophisticated user management, on-the-fly information scraping from outside resources, cross-category searching and ranking functions, commenting/reviews, integration with Google Analytics for custom reporting, and automated product feeds.

Read the full case study.

American Exteriors

Built on WordPress and custom PHP plugins, this interactive site promotes the company’s product lines and services. Past company projects are imported from American Exteriors’ internal program for visitors to search. They can view project addresses, view images, and read real customer feedback via the Project Locator and Photo and Idea Gallery. Customers can augment their projects with their own photos and feedback, too, and projects can be shared on social networks. The Testimonials section is full of images, letters, comments and videos, also with ties to social networks. Jobs are offered through the “Careers @ AmExt” section with online applications available for interested parties. Company locations can be found easily using the map or by entering a ZIP code. The site was built with responsive design to look good on multiple devices, including mobile, at varying resolutions.

talon TALON Grips

After outgrowing the previous provider’s solution, we built TALON’s new site on the CS-Cart e-commerce platform with a custom theme and responsive design (optimized for mobile and tablet). Many custom features were added to the cart to enhance the user experience and make order processing and reporting easier. Numerous levels of caching were deployed to speed up page loads. The site features TALON’s main products and promotional items, customer reviews and testimonials, video tutorials and downloadable documents, links to forums, contact forms, and more. We also streamlined and added batch automation to order fulfillment, allowing TALON to save significant time getting customers their orders quickly.


Adasco Designs, Inc.

Think a 3rd party cart can’t work for you? Think again. Adasco’s site, built on CS-Cart with a custom theme, features an exclusive BlueChannel-created diamond module with scheduled retrieval of inventory data to keep listed stock current. Prices are hidden from the public, but members of the Trade can search by the four Cs, see results, and add to card from the results grid. Custom pricing views exist for different user types as well.



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