Creating Better Websites

Is your current site technically outdated? Does it truly reflect who you are and what you do? Do you want to capture leads, showcase products, or close sales online? Whether redeveloping what you already have, or exploring an idea for something entirely new, you’ve come to the right place. You have the vision, drive, and budget. It’s time to get serious.

Trust BlueChannel to take you through the whole process, leveraging our expertise and best practices to achieve maximum return on investment.

Benefits of Websites from BlueChannel

  • We consider it a team effort. Expect some work on your side. And expect superior results.
  • We don’t design and ditch. We are a one-stop shop for development, hosting, and upgrades.
  • We develop search engine friendly sites, and tell you specifically what that means and doesn’t mean in our quotes.
  • We don’t lock you into proprietary solutions. We prefer you host with us, but you don’t have to.
  • We leverage past projects and other peoples’ code when we can.
  • We include some free ongoing maintenance. And we’re here for questions and sanity checks.
  • We’ve done it before. We can do it for you.


Mama’s Jewelry Gets Jeweler-Specific Features Added to Cart

BlueChannel has a long history serving the Jewelry Industry, so adding jeweler-specific features to a 3rd party cart was right up our alley. The site features dynamic product builders so visitors can see their pieces being created right before their eyes.

Get the Whole Story

According to Microsoft, in 2014, mobile internet overtook desktop internet. The percentage of the world’s population with smartphones in 2014 was 27%. The projected percentage of the world’s population with smartphones in 2017 is 52%. (Source: Credit Suisse Global Equity Themes report, September 2014.)  Wow!

BlueChannel can create a true mobile-specific site or include responsive design elements so the site renders differently based on what device is being used.  We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each approach. In any case, all new projects we quote include mobile recommendations.




Your Ideas And Our Expertise Produce Powerful Results

BlueChannel approaches website development with tried-and-true methods we’ve been refining since 1997. This saves you time and money, facilitates on-time completion, and ensures all essential components needed to build a great site—even those behind the scenes—are in place at launch.

We start by setting up the project in our project management tool called Teamwork. It centralizes our project communication both internally and with you, and provides a place to store files and credentials, post project notes, and keep track of what is complete and not complete. Organization is key.

Each project has task lists outlining specific action items assigned to specific people. The task lists usually include:

  • Organization and Environment Setup
  • Design and Development
  • Acquisition of Client Assets/Collateral/Materials
  • For Alpha Launch
  • For Beta Launch
  • For Gamma Launch
  • For Delta Launch
  • For Live Launch
  • 30-day Post Launch Warranty

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, the list may vary. And, we have special lists for projects built on WordPress or CS-Cart as well as one specific to SEO/SEM-related tasks.

After everything is organized in Teamwork, we set up the development hosting environment and really get going!

Design, Development and Acquisition of Materials

Design and Development includes tasks related to creative design work, the approval process for it, and conversion of designs to code. Site design comps (graphical renditions of pages) are presented for your review and revised until you approve. Then the art is converted to code. A more final project timeline is typically set after design approval because it is the most variable stage. We strive to make all design changes before converting to code in an effort to save you additional charges for change requests made after design approval.

As a project kicks off, we begin acquiring copy and images from you for every page of the site. To ensure the project doesn’t fall behind schedule, we use placeholder copy and images if you don’t have them ready. Of course, it’s always better to work with the real copy and images, so the more you can provide earlier in the process, the better. Please start thinking about page headlines and copy now so you are prepared when we officially ask.

Down the Production Funnel

The “Launches” in our list allow us to tackle a finite amount of tasks within a specific period of time. This allows incremental, measurable progress ensuring the project doesn’t take on a life of its own and nothing falls through the cracks. These iterative launches also allow us to receive valuable feedback from you every step along the way.

Alpha Launch might be an iteration of the site with many holes in functionality and content, but one which allows you to click through the pages so you can assess how closely we converted the approved design to browser-rendered code. Beta might be a more fully-realized version of the site full of content and changes requested after Alpha review. You get the idea. One launch educates the next and each gets us closer to the end goal – Live Launch – in which the site goes live to the world. Each project is unique, but we find phasing development and offering previews via launches minimizes surprises and ensures quality builds.

Should we arrive at the end of development with placeholder copy and images still in place, the project may be deemed complete and move into warranty but won’t be made live. More specifics about client responsibilities during the development process can be found in the Service Agreement signed by both parties before project kick off.

No Worries, It’s Under Warranty

Our 30-day Post Launch Warranty covers bugs and tweaks requiring attention after launch. We don’t just go live and leave you hanging. We want you to be satisfied and well-supported. And we stand behind our work.

We’re Here for You

If you need help sourcing images or with your copywriting, we can help point you in the right direction.

We can walk you through Teamwork basics to help you get oriented quickly. Just let us know if you’re interested.

We’re a small team dedicated to personalized service. You’ll probably interact with each of us over the course of your project, so learn about the BlueChannel Team.

We’re excited to work with you! If you have any questions about our process, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Wheels turning?

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