Are you at the mercy of your website hosting provider each time you need to change a password or add email accounts? These tasks are simple but often require excessive email correspondence, time on hold, and phone tag. You are running a business; can you really afford to waste this time? Imagine the freedom of creating and managing your email accounts and aliases… Of checking your site traffic statistics around the clock… Of changing the content of your pages on the fly… Of course you can still rely on us whenever you need assistance. But isn’t it reassuring that you don’t have to?

Tutorials for Account Administrators
Change the Look of Your Master Control Panel Play Movie
Create an Email Account Play Movie
Forward Your Email to Another Account Play Movie
Create Email Autoresponders (Vacation Messages) Play Movie
Create Email Aliases Play Movie
Monitor Site Resources and Statistics Play Movie
Change Your Passwords Play Movie
Manage Your Files with FileManager (FTP Alternative) Play Movie
Password Protect a Directory Play Movie
Create a MySQL Database Play Movie
Manage a MySQL Database with PHPmyAdmin Play Movie
Set Up a Web User Play Movie
Install an SSL Certificate Play Movie
Create a Subdomain Play Movie
Administer FrontPage Server Extensions Play Movie


Tutorials for Mail Users
Change the Look of Your Control Panel Play Movie
Forward Your Email to Another Account Play Movie
Create an Email Autoresponder (Vacation Message) Play Movie
Configure an Email Account in Outlook Express Play Movie
Access Your Email Online with Webmail Play Movie
Change Your Email Password Play Movie


Contact us if you need assistance or simply prefer not to manage these tasks. We are always happy to help.